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About Soul Center Healing Hypnosis




Soul Center Healing Hypnosis S.C.H.H.© is a beautiful quantum healing modality created by Laura Whitworth, encompassing a variety of past life regression and quantum healing techniques.


My goal for your SCHH session is to use quantum techniques to take you on a unique journey of transformational healing. I will assess and remove any dense energies or attachments you may be holding, that do not serve your highest good. Realigning your chakra system and resealing your auric field, will leave you protected against any future energetic attachments. Restorative quantum healing complemented by the powerful frequency of tuning forks will be provided throughout the session, attuning your body into a state of harmony and balance. Your vibration will rise, improving your connection to your higher self and spirit team and this facilitates an intriguing exploration into your past lives. This journey will provide you with more clarity on how previous lives have affected this lifetime and will leave you feeling lighter, brighter and absolutely fabulous all over.

An SCHH session lasts around 3.5 – 4 hours and includes:

1 hour pre-session chat

This gives me a chance to learn more about you, your particular concerns and to answer any questions that you may have. We will review your questionnaire in more detail and discuss your aims and intentions for the treatment.

2 hours Hypnotherapy

Relaxing your body and your mind

This technique involves progressive deep relaxation of the body and the mind. Using focused visualisation techniques, I will take you down into the deep alpha and theta brainwave state.

Releasing energetic attachments and emotional trauma

Once you are beautifully relaxed I will work with you and our team of Archangels to release and heal any negative or dense energies that should not be there. Then using the powerful harmony of tuning forks we will realign and balance your chakras; and reseal your aura so that no further energies are able to attach.

Quantum Travel to view your past / parallel lives

We will then travel through the quantum space to view your past or parallel lives so you may gain more understanding about how these lives have affected your present lifetime. You will also gain more appreciation and insight into who you really are.

Healing and Higher self questions 

Towards the end of the session, your higher self is invited in to complete any further healing that may be required and to answer the questions that you have prepared beforehand.



30 minutes after chat. 

We will have a quick chat about your journey, ensure you are grounded back in your body and offer advice for the next few days while the energies integrate within your body.

You will remember some parts of your treatment but it is all recorded for you and will be sent to you within 48 hours, so that you can listen to it again and again to help continue the healing process over the next few days, weeks and even months. 

Soul Center Healing Hypnosis Tree
Soul Center Healing Hypnosis Tree





Thank you for an enlightening session. It was very revealing and I retrieved information that was very relevant to the topic we were working on. It was also great to clear this in the session. I so enjoyed your gentleness and your kind voice. I would not hesitate to refer you to others. It was deep, relaxing and inspiring. 


I had my first ever SCHH session with the lovely Kate, she soothed me into the session with empathy, knowledge and understanding. I experienced entity removals, which was not scary but interesting to hear yourself as another party..A past life session and a very comprehensive talk with y higher self.

Kate's soothing tones were able to coax the entities with understanding of their situation and send them off to the light.

It feels good to send these little pests off to the light to be reformed

I recommend anyone to seek Kate's expertise in having a SCHH session.




I have experienced many different healing modalities over the years and was very interested to try SCHH.

Although I had done some research and was provided information prior to my session, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was open to the experience.

I had an amazing session with Kate. I felt very safe and at ease throughout the session. Kate’s approach is very gentle and reassuring and her ability to ask interesting and thought provoking questions allowed me to delve deeper into my experience. 

Kate is a very skilled practitioner and one who will guide you with much love and care on your healing journey. 


I completed 2 SCHH sessions on different dates with Kate. She has a very soothing voice and kind manner that makes you feel extremely safe and totally supported when you descend into the hypnotic state.


My experience with Homebound Souls healing was really magical and therapeutic. Kate guided me gracefully through each step and provided a comfortable and nurturing space for me to let down my walls and experience this healing session in the most authentic way possible. We worked through trapped energies stored in my body and landed me in a position where I could tap into past lives and communicate with my higher self with no resistance. I felt reassured and supported the whole time and vouch this experience to another who may need either the clarity/peace of mind or wants to delve into the land of curiosity. Thank you Kate


I feel amazing Kate, my head is clear and I can breathe deeply and clearly, my lungs feel fantastic. I am so much more at peace and when I meditate now I can feel the frequency is so much more. Life is so good and keeps getting better every day.

Thank you for your service, you are a beautiful woman and it was an honour to meet you

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