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What you can gain from an SCHH session?


  • Release any trapped, blocked or dense negative energies that are not for your highest good to help you gain control of your life and heal any effects these energies are having on your health.

  • Clear and remove any energetic attachments from your physical, emotional and energetic bodies and receive amazing healing energies and frequencies.

  • Travel on a unique journey through the quantum space to view your past lives and gain more understanding about how these lives have affected this lifetime. Gain appreciation and insight into who you are in this lifetime.

  • Raise your vibration by healing and releasing traumas, phobias and addictions.

  • Provide answers to your questions and gain further clarity and healing from your higher self, guides and spirit team.

  • Receive a full energetic chakra rebuild and auric reseal.

  • Connect with loved ones who have passed over and receive any messages that come through.

  • Send healing to family members, loved ones, pets or friends.

  • Feel marvellous in a higher vibrational state.

What is the Theta brainwave state?

All people are in theta brainwave state just prior to going to sleep at night and on waking  each day. It is nothing you haven't experienced before. Once relaxed into theta you will remain in this dreamy brainwave state for most of the session. This allows the right side of the brain to engage enhancing your ability to visualise. 


Whilst you are in hypnotic bliss you will still have an awareness of your body and environment the whole time. You will be aware of the noises around you, your nose itching or your stomach rumbling. You will remember some parts of the session but not as much as you think. Your journey through time and space will be recorded and is sent to you after your session. You can listen to it again and again which helps continue the healing process over the next few days, weeks and even months.

Here are some indicators  that you may have a negative entity or attachment 

Some symptoms you may be aware of;


  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Low self-esteem

  • Brain fog

  • Personality or behavioural changes

  • Feeling upset for no apparent reason

  • Rapid mood swings

  • Sudden reactive behaviour

  • Altered personality when you drink

  • Manifesting addictions – drugs, alcohol, etc

  • Destructive or self-sabotaging behaviours

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