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Setting up your technology

Your session will be carried out on zoom, so you are comfortable in your own surroundings and do not have the stress of travelling to a centre. All the noises around you are familiar and this offers the best opportunity for you to gently relax into a peaceful hypnotic state. You need to have a laptop, and the zoom basic free app downloaded and set up ready before your session.  

It is essential that you have a headset that is able to be directly plugged into your laptop and has a microphone that is able to be positioned near to your mouth. This is so that I am able to hear you clearly and guide you smoothly throughout the session, giving you the best possible experience and healing that you need. A gaming headset or similar is ideal, but if you don't have a set, may be you would be able to borrow from someone for your session. If not there are some reasonably priced headsets in Officeworks. Bluetooth connection is not appropriate as the connection is variable. Earbuds often fall out and the microphone moves around making the recording quality poor and disappointing. For these reasons I will only be able to do a session if you have a microphone that is able to be placed in front of the mouth. The headset needs to be plugged into the laptop and set up and checked prior to your session.

The laptop must be plugged into mains throughout the session and needs to be quite close to you and positioned so that I can see your eyes and your chest. You may move around a lot during your hypnotherapy, so it is important that the laptop is secured on a table next to your bed and not on your bed.

Internet speed needs to be > 30mps. You can test your internet speed at The nearer you are to your internet modem the better

It is vital that no one else uses the internet or the microwave for the duration of your treatment, as this will ruin your session.

Please ensure your notifications on your computer are switched off and your phone is on silent.

Here is a video that will help you prepare for your SCHH session. Please do watch this video prior to your appointment as it has valuable information regarding how to set up your technology for success, so we get the most out of our session on the day

These are an example of the type and are

available for $20 at Officeworks, in Australia

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