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Preparing for your session.



This information will help you to have the best possible experience.


Visualisation is essential for your session.   It is essential that you are able to relax and visualise for your treatment to be successful. Practice visualisation using your imagination. At your request, I can email you some visualisation exercises to practice with. Please book your session once you feel confident that you can visualise easily.


The importance of setting an intention.   There may be many reasons that you wish to experience a soul centred healing, or quantum healing session. However, it is important to focus on your main intention. It is best to set the intention sometime before your session and put it out to the universe, so that your guides and spirit team can start manifesting it for you. Please write your intention down and we can discuss it at your pre-session chat.


Imagination is the language of your Higher Self.   As we grow and get busy with our lives we often don’t use our imagination as much as when we were children and it can take practice to reawaken it. This is important to practice prior to your session. Try using your imagination and make up some stories and let your imagination run away with you.


Prepare your questions.   Write out all your questions and then condense them down into 10 questions ready for the day. You may find that by the time you come to do your session that your questions have changed and this is just the universe at work!


Expectations.   Expectations are very unhelpful, so please leave them at the door. Every journey is as unique as you are and it will unfold on the day as perfectly as it is supposed to.


Practice quieting your mind.   Practice quieting your mind with meditation or just relaxing in nature without your phone or other distractions. Practice day-dreaming and notice how information comes to you. It comes to us in many different ways. Some visualise a movie playing out in our heads, others smell or hear words or voices, whilst others just have a strong sense of knowing or feel emotionally what is happening. Everyone is different. Knowing how you receive information will give you a heads up when it comes to your session.

Quiet peaceful environment where you will not be disturbed is essential, and pets unfortunately need to be out of the room as they are very sensitive to the energies and will want to literally sit on top of you! 


Guided meditations are perfect to practice for your session. Here are a few links from fellow practitioners to help you prepare for your session






On the day of your session

  • Leave your day clear, you will need to rest afterwards while you integrate the powerful energies that you may receive. 


  • Light exercise out in nature beforehand is helpful.


  • Light meal or snack prior to your session


  • Limit caffeine but do not eliminate it if you are a regular coffee or tea drinker


  • No drugs or alcohol the night before your treatment


  • This casual chat with two fellow practitioners gives you an idea of how your session will flow

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