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What to expect after your session

You will receive powerful healing energies throughout your session, and so you will be more tired than usual as those energies integrate in your body, so leave your day free.


Your Spirit Team, Guides and Archangels will continue to work with your body while you sleep, over the next 3 nights, removing any further densities and healing where necessary. So you may feel you need more rest than usual.


Ground yourself by eating some root vegetables, walking barefoot on the grass, use some grounding crystals such as hematite, tourmaline and shungite or essential oils like sandalwood, cypress, patchouli and vetiver.


You will need to drink plenty of good quality water to flush out any toxins that are broken down from any densities that you have released.


You may feel more emotional afterwards as trapped emotions will continue to be released. So allow those emotions to come up and release them.

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